These Specialist Pages are intended as a guide to keeping tropical freshwater fish.

I have been keeping Tropicals for some 15 years and have gained great pleasure from doing so. There are some key rules to fish keeping though, that I have learned, that make a massive difference to the health of the fish and the ease of keeping them. If you stick to these key points, you should have no problems and your fish will live happily for many years. Many, many years in some cases.

I will try my best to outline them in the following pages. Please use the menu below to continue.

In no particular order:

  1. Water Quality
  2. Feeding Tips
  3. Water Change
  4. Cleaning Tips
  5. Which Species?
  6. Fish Tank Size
  7. How Many Fish?
  8. Disease
  9. Filters
  10. Filter Types
  11. Filter Cleaning
  12. Plants
  13. Water Acidity
  14. Temperature/ heaters
  15. Good Community
  16. Aquarium Internal Furniture
  17. Aquarium External Furniture, Electrics and Fittings
  18. Breeding
  19. Sex (gender) of Fish
  20. Fins Info
  21. Lighting Guidelines
  22. Moving House
  23. Bagging Fish Properly
  24. Introducing New Fish
  25. Cleaning Glass
  26. Aquarium Position
  27. Lifespan of Fish
  28. Algae
  29. Going Away on Holiday
  30. General Ongoing Maintenance
  31. Electrical Safety
  32. Snails
  33. Aeration
  34. Dead Body Disposal

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